Himalayas As One Of the best Place to Visit



The magnificent mountains of Himalayas, the highest mountains in the world is a composite system of giant parallel situated ranges. They are expanding over the other forming a tremendous chain on board of Central and Southern Asia. Tightly held together and spreading over 2 thousand miles, they glitter with everlasting snow and frost. Translated from Sanskrit mean “abode of snow”. Even countless birds go round the mountains from the east being unable to go through them. This chain has 500 extraordinarily high mountain tops which are much higher than Mont Blanc and over 50 of them surpass the value of 7 000 m. 10 of these tremendous spurs are over 8 000 m. The topmost mountain end of the Earth is 8 848 m high and is called Everest (which is also knows as Chomolungma), the magnificent spur and the most noticeable mark on the map.

It is most probable that you at least once in your life looked at the map and thought that it would be really a great experience to visit this amazing place someday. Climbing the mountains following narrow paths, flowing over the rivers on tiny boats, watching the astonishing scenes of Himalayas from the plane and even delta plane – all these awesome activities are quite possible to realize. It depends on your physical shape how high you can climb up the rocks. Pokhara, the former capital of peace and the must-visit place of hippies is still popular within the pilgrims who take a boat and go across the Phewa lake heading to the island where Shiva used to live.

One can also easily borrow a local horse to go to the mountains but in the most steep places a tourist will have to go by feet. A horseman will lead the horse all way and the scared horse may even gallop away. You can also reach the high places of the mount by a small scheduled plane which usually goes up following the gorges and canons.and lands on a bandbox in Jomsom. It is a little settlement at a level of about 3 thousand meters. Montanes sell Chinese food almost everywhere you encounter them and the goods are certainly not from the bottom land, they most likely using old trade routes.

Himalayas are not that severe at all. If go down a little, there are various fields and cheerful tropical woods. Wild marijuana blooming valleys, banana forests and different unknown trees, all in violet colors in autumn.

Joyful Nepalese love to sing and dance a lot in the evenings and drumming national melodies. Yaks are the most popular home animals which are breeded by local country people. This amazing place is full of monks who live there constantly and almost in every settlement there is a monastery. There are monasteries in the mountains which are not easy to reach, only using some cave paths and rope-ways. Maybe these are the legendary monasteries which carry the secret knowledge?Himalayas As One Of the best Place to Visit


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