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5 Places of Interest in London for Junior Tourists

Except the worldwide known places of interests that are attractive for both children and grown-ups there is a number of places in London that are less famous but extremely interesting. OK, you’ve already seen Trafalgar Square, the Tower and The Changing of the Guards. Where to go and what to see now? Consider visiting some of these places. That will be an exciting memorable event not only for you but for your children as well, which will broaden their knowledge and be a great fun. In the following museums there are the special expositions aimed to amuse and enlighten the junior visitors which also will be great for their parents.

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Housewives: Planning your Day

Being a housewife is not luxury. But most of us understand that it is a hard work. A lot of housewives complain about not having enough time to deal with all the problems, or not enough time for leisure when hat they actually need is to plan their day.

Here are a few tips on how to plan your day if you are a housewife, I hope it’ll help.

Of course a plan may depend on the age of children or even season of a year.

4-6 a.m. early morning, time you can have to yourself. If you have a baby, he will probably wake up at 4-6 a.m., but he may play quietly in his cradle for a while, you can do what you need to do and keep an eye on him. If you are lucky, he may go to asleep and wake up only in half an hour.

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What Does It Mean to Be a Human?

Today in my post I would like to share my admiration and interest in cyberpunk genre. To tell the truth I wasn’t keen on science fiction genre for a long period of time. I thought it was not for me and at that time I was more interested in detective fiction and thrillers. My favorite authors of these genres are Arthur Conan Doyle and Edgar Wallace. I still from time to time read some of their works and watch film adaptations based on their novels. Anyway I was very indifferent to any kind of fantasy, science fiction or similar genres. But once I changed my mind. The reason? Well, it was very banal. I watched Blade Runner (1982)by Ridley Scott. I’m sure you have watched this science fiction film. After viewing it I surfed the Internet trying to find out as much information as possible about the movie. The storyline is based on Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick.

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Modern Artists – the Talent to Surprise

In all times of history the main aim of artists was to create something beautiful, unique, touching. Nowadays, when it seems that all wonderful things have been written, painted and staged, the art started to perform another mission – it tries to surprise us. People got used to all kinds of natural or artificial wonders; they have an access to all masterpieces of art but usually do not use this opportunity as they do not find time to visit even their local museum, not mentioning Tate gallery or Louvre. That’s why the idea nowadays plays the most significant role in the world of art instead of its realization. It is the concept of art and not the art itself that interests modern people most. It explains why modern artists resemble magicians who try to make something practically out of nothing, be it sand and the patterns on it or asphalt and 3D images.

Let’s take, for example, Christopher Boffoli and his collection called Disparity which represents the scenes from real life with the help of tiny finely made people and food. If you look at the pictures of this collection you will see tiny people sailing across the spilled milk, or another group riding their bikes through Banana Mountains, or an interesting miniature showing the funeral among the pile of rice. Boffoli says that he likes to be a creator of the universe and I think the fact that we can influence the fate of tiny people by drowning them in the milk or saving them is one of the reasons why we like these works. This collection is half art and half game, and this duality simply can not leave people indifferent.

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Office conflict

Dear diary!

Today I had a very difficult day at my office due to several reasons. First of all I seem to have caught a cold and now I feel upset and broken. Dunno what to do, tomorrow I will have a very important meeting and I need to be safe and sound by that time…

But the main problem is in my conflict with my head of the office today. Alison Dunn is literally a genius chief. She is smart and strong. She’s very social and convivial but her stubbornness will, actually, drive me mad one day.

Today we had a quarrel. A big fight. The fact is that she doesn’t agree with my project on employee motivation. I have been working on it for many months and she seemed to be agree with my ideas. Today, when I presented it to the office, she was nearly throwing dirt on me. I need to re-construct everything in a week. In a week only!

These conflicts and stressful situations at work make me feel more than bad. I’m not too self-confident as it is and, to be frank, I’m a bit shy. I don’t know how to look in the eyes of all my colleagues who witnessed Alison shouting at me.

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