Office conflict

Dear diary!

Today I had a very difficult day at my office due to several reasons. First of all I seem to have caught a cold and now I feel upset and broken. Dunno what to do, tomorrow I will have a very important meeting and I need to be safe and sound by that time…

But the main problem is in my conflict with my head of the office today. Alison Dunn is literally a genius chief. She is smart and strong. She’s very social and convivial but her stubbornness will, actually, drive me mad one day.

Today we had a quarrel. A big fight. The fact is that she doesn’t agree with my project on employee motivation. I have been working on it for many months and she seemed to be agree with my ideas. Today, when I presented it to the office, she was nearly throwing dirt on me. I need to re-construct everything in a week. In a week only!

These conflicts and stressful situations at work make me feel more than bad. I’m not too self-confident as it is and, to be frank, I’m a bit shy. I don’t know how to look in the eyes of all my colleagues who witnessed Alison shouting at me.

There are certain ways of avoiding and reducing a conflict in the office, but I doubt if I can do this. The first step is to calm down and talk to the offender, try to learn the reasons…I can’t even imagine myself entering Alison’s office for discussing this stuff. Besides, as I’ve already mentioned, she is so stubborn. I can’t even understand why she hasn’t discussed the weak points of my presentation eye to eye with me.

It’s obvious that if you are disappointed with your worker you should not start a fight and humiliate him, but talk to him and discuss everything first…

I dream of a perfect boss who will if not support my ideas but at least teach me what I should do instead of shouting and yelling.

Filthy day, honestly. I’m in fever and at the edge of being fired for I don’t know why! Hurrrray! My life is a rainbow drop!…

Actually, I hope that I’m upset only because of the cold. You know, people are always more vulnerable if they are sick. I just need to know that tomorrow in the morning everything will be alright and together with my boss we will find how to fix my motivation plan. It’s really a very important project for me and I like the entire idea that lies in its basis.

Working in the HR department is not a bed of roses;)

Anyway, I’m going to bed now with a huge hope that tomorrow will be a better, a more sunny and a more productive day. I still want to achieve much in my career and I have always thought that I know people, so working as an HR manager will not be so difficult for me. A bit wrong I was.

But let’s see what tomorrow is going to be like. Nite nite!


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