5 Places of Interest in London for Junior Tourists

Except the worldwide known places of interests that are attractive for both children and grown-ups there is a number of places in London that are less famous but extremely interesting. OK, you’ve already seen Trafalgar Square, the Tower and The Changing of the Guards. Where to go and what to see now? Consider visiting some of these places. That will be an exciting memorable event not only for you but for your children as well, which will broaden their knowledge and be a great fun. In the following museums there are the special expositions aimed to amuse and enlighten the junior visitors which also will be great for their parents.

  • Little Angel Marionette Theater is a famous theater for the youngest spectators, which is situated not far from the Angel tube station. The performance is on during the week-ends and holidays, but the tickets should be purchased beforehand.
  • Visiting London Toy and Model Museum will be a great fun for you and your children. Here you may see one of the best expositions of automatically moving toys and models, which occupies more than twenty rooms. After that you may have a bite in a cozy cafe which is situated in the adjacent garden.

  • Pollock’s Toy Museum has always been a world of childhood dreams. The amazing exposition of toy theaters, scenery and puppets will bring a lot of joy for your children. And your junior daughter will remember the greatest collection of dolls and teddy bears. You will have the opportunity to buy the vintage style toys. On Saturdays each parent can have a free ticket for a one child.
  • Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood will remind you of yours one and tell your kids the history of the royal children.

  • The London Aquarium is always full of visitors who come to admire the colorful kinds of fish with their families. The children come into euphoria from being so close to the giant sharp-toothed sharks and wild piranhas.

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