Nick Wooster the Fashionist.

It is pretty strange but I have failed to find any information on Nick Wooster. How come? Well, I don’t know but the only thing I managed to find is some poor facts from his biography and of course lot of his pictures. Well, it is known that he is a journalist and started his career at Saks. Later he worked as an assistant of Peter Rizzo in Barneys New York and finally he gained recognition and fame working for Neiman Marcus Group as a fashion director. Nowadays he is supposed to be a style icon of men’s fashion based in New York. He runs his own fashion agency Wooster Consultancy launched in 2005 and works nowadays with Thom Browne, Chaiken Clothing and Mac Cosmetics.

As he confesses in an interview it was his dream to become a buyer one day and once his dream came true. He really adores stores and enjoys doing shopping. Tell me who doesn’t like it? But obviously for him it’s not only a hobby. His style can be described as daring and fearless. And it seems like there are no any taboos for him. Probably my description is pretty rough and you can imagine something crazy and insane. Well, not all. He labels his own style as “non-classical classic”. There is something in it indeed. Try to judge objectively. His body is tattooed. Well, you would say that there is nothing special about it. Well, you are right partly but sometimes his wardrobe may include tuxedo and a bow tie. It is a classical apparel indeed but something always stands out in his style. So it is absolutely OK for him to wear pink trousers along with a classical polo shirt. Such a strange color of his trousers is…perfect and suits him. He also has a pink belt that he wears with red trousers. To other clothes he prefers shorts and again it is just suits him perfectly. In one interview he said that his grandpa inspired him and became a style icon for him one day. His grandpa wore hat all the time and never parted with the tie. Obviously that’s why Nick Wooster adores bow ties as well.

An integral part of his image is sunglasses he wears almost all the time. Well, this detail reminds me Karl Lagerfeld’s image of a mysterious man. There is something in it of course.

There is pretty useful remark by Nick Wooster concerning style: you can’t buy style. Money in this case means nothing. It is true.


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