Tibet: Center of Spiritual Tourism

Nowadays this relatively small place in Himalayas is a real magnet for the huge flow of tourists. Among them one can meet the lovers of the exotic cultures, the extreme fans who prefer the mountains and sleeping outside to the comfortable hotels and sunny beaches and the serious pilgrims who want to get acquainted with the center of Eastern philosophy. The ones who enjoy the unusual nature full of contrasts also may find a lot of interesting in Tibet.

The special status of Tibet is conditioned by its important role in the life of the native population. Tibet is almost closed for the strangers. Today the main religions in this region are Buddhism and O-Bon. But though they are supposed to have their source here they came to Tibet from other places. The most part of the population in Tibet profess Buddhism which makes Tibet the world center of this religion. Many of the yogi intend to visit this place wishing to reach nirvana and get rid of the everyday fuss and vanity.

The ancient monasteries of Tibet are famous by the fact that before 1959 when the China captures removed the monks more than 30 % of the population lived there. Many monasteries prohibit visits even today.

The mysteries of Tibet also attract the tourists.One of the famous mysterious places of interest is the mount Kaylash. No one has managed to reach its peak. According to the old legend only Buddha and Jesus were able to do that. All the rest just enjoy its splendid view and the annual ritual which includes the swimming in the Dead Sea and the honor lap around the Kaylash.

To visit Tibet one should have a strong health and be a rather trained person to attend all the sacred places and stand for a long time during the amazing rituals.


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