Summer Threatens Your Figure

It is widely believed that summer is excellent time for keeping fit and loosing weight. We have no appetite as we do not have to spend additional calories on warming. But nevertheless lots of girls mysteriously gain weight during summer. You should know the enemies of your figure and be careful with them – they are not as harmless as it may seem.

The first dangerous factor has very nice and sweet appearance and follows you all summer long. I mean ice-cream which is famous and widely loved for its cooling effect in the heat of the day. However, this product is the source of fats and carbohydrates, which are difficult to get rid of, especially if you leak ice-cream while lying on the beach and are not planning to perform any activity within next few hours. You can use the alternative to ice-cream – fruit ice. There are only twelve calories in one bar of fruit ice (if no sugar is added). Besides, this dessert is quite easy to prepare – just take some berries or fruit you like and blend them in the blender until they are smooth. Then pour this mess into pop molds and put them in freezer for about 5 hours.

The second enemy of your figure in summer is dehydration. But we often mistake thirst with hunger, that’s why extra calories find the place on your belly. If you think you want to eat drink a glass of water – in some cases it is exactly what your body needs, though it can’t speak about it directly.

Speaking of thirst I want to mention another dangerous summer factor – fizzy drinks. So refreshing and sweet, they are rich with calories and, besides, they cause fermentation in the gut. The amount of sugar and harmful values which do not bear any nutritional value is alarming. Such substances like phosphoric acid and caffeine are very harmful for health and should be avoided. Besides it is easy to become addicted to the daily drinking of this stuff as caffeine causes physical dependence which is hard to resist. Replace fizzy rinks with water, milk or fruit juice and you will soon notice that your body became slimmer and looks more attractive in bikini. I think this effect is more important than a pleasure of several minutes of drinking.

The next enemy of your body I want you to meet is the lack of appetite. When it is so hot during the day you do not think of food at all, but in the evening when it gets cooler your appetite wakes up and demand the food it has not received during the day. However, eating before sleep is not a good idea, as your body needs at least a couple or hours to deal with the food you have eaten. Besides, if you follow some strict schedule in your nutrition your digestive system performs better as it always knows when to expect food and is prepared to work.

Finally, gaining of weight may be caused by the lack of physical activity. It is hard to perform any action on the heat, but exercises remain the essential part of keeping fit. Swimming and water sports appear to be a perfect solution in this case.


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