Knightly Weekend on Malta

If you want to turn back time and feel what it was like to live in the medieval Europe, you can make your dream come true by visiting Malta – the most knightly island in the world. Besides, you can combine your chase of historical heritage with lying on the beach and meet the yachts returning from The Middle Sea Race. Narrow streets without a single tree, huge domes of churches will carry you through the centuries to the Malta of the past.

The most interesting historical part of Malta is Valetta which is included in the list of UNESCO. Its streets and squires remained practically unchanged since the sixteenth century. Here you can visit St. John’s Co-Cathedral with the tombs of knights, or the Palace of Great Magister or walk along Republic Street (which is, by the way, the souvenir paradise for tourists) to the St. Elmo fort. You should also have a look at Mdina, the old capital of Malta. It seems that the time has stopped in this town forever. The gourmets will also find something interesting on Malta as this island is rich with sea products. Tasty local fish is called lampuca, another dainties are squid and cuttlefish which you can taste sitting in one of the numerous restaurants on the seafront.

On Malta you have also an opportunity to watch historical reconstructions. In October, for instance, there is held the knight tournament in Birgu and you can walk through the town lit with candles and torches. Another famous knightly event of the year is parade In Guardia where you can watch the soldiers in armor fencing and shooting from muskets. Birgu has also recently become the headquarters of the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta.

If you want to have a rest from all these historical impressions you can visit the island Comino which is situated nearby. It is the smallest of all inhabited islands of the Maltese archipelago and there you will not find any cars or other signs of civilization – just sea, rocks and a huge watchtower built in 1618 and served as the hospital for the knights. In the Blue Lagoon a great variety of fish and divers can be found. This place is rich with underwater caves so there is plenty opportunities to reveal your diving skills. After visiting this island, you will carry a piece of its calmness, beauty and romance in your soul forever.


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