5 Facts About Fast Food

A pair of In-N-Out cheeseburgers.

It’s been a long time since the word combination “fast food” has turned from the common noun into a censure. Nowadays, this is the synonym of unhealthy food, but in fact, initially, this word is defined as food that can be prepared and consumed fast and without any difficult manipulations. Thus, not every meal that is tagged “fast food” has a negative impact on your health. It depends on a fast food chain, and today I’m going to bust myths or prove some common beliefs about fast food.

Fast Food Restaurants Use Extremely Harmful Type of Oil

As a rule, that’s true. The vast majority of fast food restaurants use transgenic animal fats to roast their burgers and French fries. At the same time, this type of oils can be found in many other products that aren’t considered to be fast food ones: cakes, ice cream, etc. It means that basically there’s no difference in eating a cheeseburger in McDonald’s and a cheesecake in a regular restaurant. The point is high level of such fats in your body can be a cause of several serious cardiovascular diseases, so next time you order fast food meal, think about your heart.

They Use Narcotic Substances That Cause Addiction

People say that popular fast food chains add some kind of drugs into their food in order to make you come back to their restaurant over and over again. This fact never was proven, but still, it makes sense. Scientists say that excessive consumption of sugar and fats that can be found in this type of foods can really cause addiction similar to alcohol, drug or nicotine ones. These elements change the chemical processes in human brain and literally turn the most hardcore fast food lovers into real addicts.

People Can Die Because Of Fast Food

Basically, you can’t die because of it. Fresh and quality fast food doesn’t cause serious problems, but the situation changes beyond recognition when it comes to long-term perspectives. Continuous consumption of this type of food will doubtlessly affect your health, and you’ll start feeling the consequences sooner or later.

Fast Food Affects Libido

That’s true. The more fast food meals you swallow the more disappointed your sweetheart becomes when it comes to sex. This fact was proven by an experimental approach.

Hamburger Isn’t Harmful Without Soda

Actually, this is true. The point is every time you accompany any meal with ice cold drink you make a fatal mistake. It dilutes your gastric juice and makes your stomach unable to digest food. Consequently, the consumed meal turns into fat at once and the result is to be seen on your waistline before you know it. So, next time you go to McDonald’s, opt for hot tea instead of Coke.


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