What to Do if Your Wife is Addicted to Feng Shui

How could we live without feng shui? It was a real disaster but not a life. All the times of furniture were in wrong places and the mirrors were hanging on the wrong walls. The dining tables standing in the area of bad energy flow prevented us from healthy meals and the beds situated in discordance with feng shui rules caused nightmares. I have been surprised when I learned that it was possible to be happy just moving your furniture around the flat. I’ll tell you haw to become a successful person with the help of feng shui and not to go nuts. The wise Chinese women made their husbands move the heavy wardrobes and replace tables to fill their living with happiness.

But to be honest I still tend to think that they had made up feng shui just to make their husbands move the furniture around the house with no grumbling or excuses. How else could a small and fragile Chinese woman reminding a porcelain doll have her toilette table moved to another corner? Imagine that she asks her husband to do that for her. “What for?”- he would probably ask. “It i not situated according to the laws of feng shui.” Nothing to oppose. And since that time all Chinese men obediently carry tables, cupboards and beds around the house. It’s not difficult for them but it’s pleasant for their wives and eases their life. Everybody is happy. Feng shui really works.

If the brain of your wife somehow got contaminated by the virus of feng shui you should be happy. Is is a harmless pathology. The flat will always be clean but the furniture will have to be moved to another place. Develop the patient attitude towards the problem. At least your wife accepts your strange habits such as collecting the models of military aircrafts or waking up right in the times she decides to turn the telly off. If you love your wife you will have to put up with her feng shui addiction as well.

OK, it has begun. Your wife runs around the house hanging out the crystals and lucky Chinese coins. Yes, those ones with the square hole in the middle. What a good husband should do? A good husband should help his wife to arrange the iron elephants on her shelf. And pray asking the supernatural powers to release her from this addiction.


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