A Good Bedroom According to Feng Shui

A tight sleep is the best medicine. To improve your sleep try to use the magic of colors while decorating the interior of your bedroom. According to Feng shui each cardinal direction has its unique color. A room which is situated in the south-east or east will look more cozy with brown or green walls. The south-west or north-west direction of your room location require dark brown or yellow colors. If the windows of your room face north choose all the shades of blue from turquoise to navy blue for the interior. The west direction requires white decorations and accessories. But one should think twice before painting the walls or buying the wallpaper.

Blue is the color of water. The bedroom where there are a lot of blue things will prevent you from obtaining the financial prosperity. The money will flow from your pockets like water. The bedroom with red walls may have the negative effect on your mental state. But the red color will help you to restore your energy level and boost up your mood after a hard working day. The white colors usually creates the impression of a sterile hospital ward. Though the white color will perfectly suit for the ceiling. A white ceiling could be the best decision if your walls are of light and pale colors. The color of the ceiling should be always lighter than the color of walls.

Another important thing is the location of the bed. If you place it right next to the window you will be likely to travel soon, so you will nave to use it more seldom. If you place your bed in front of a door insomnia and diseases may start bothering you. The best way to locate your bed is to place it on the cross to the door. If a thick solid wall will be on your back that will improve your vital stamina and make you stronger. The curtains and testers will protect you from the negative energy during the night.


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