Archive | October 2012

Schnitzels for Every Taste

If you ask me to choose one product I can not live without my answer will be immediate – meat. I am a great meat fan, amateur and votary. Sometimes I feel like composing poems and singing songs in honor of meat. That’s why all my recipes are connected with this wonderful product in this or that way. Schnitzel recipes are my favorite ones and I want to share one of the simplest and greatest of them with you.

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The Most Exotic Places of the World

The world is full of interesting and amazing places but most of us still travel to some warm sea countries only to return from them sun tanned and with a bunch of the photos of the type “Me on the Beach”, “Me and Some Flower”, “Me and a Glass of Wine in a Hotel Lobby” and so on. As for me, I feel the need to receive some unusual impressions which I will carry with me without the help of any photographs. One day I will visit these places which make people doubt that they are still on the Earth.

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