The Most Exotic Places of the World

The world is full of interesting and amazing places but most of us still travel to some warm sea countries only to return from them sun tanned and with a bunch of the photos of the type “Me on the Beach”, “Me and Some Flower”, “Me and a Glass of Wine in a Hotel Lobby” and so on. As for me, I feel the need to receive some unusual impressions which I will carry with me without the help of any photographs. One day I will visit these places which make people doubt that they are still on the Earth.

First exotic place to visit is Iceland, of course. Vapor, boiling bubbles, ice and rocks are combined in breath taking sceneries. It is an island where the trees do not grow, only few people live and where the largest glacier in the world is situated.

Socotra, an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, has unique climate due to its long geological isolation from the rest of the world. Dry, hot and sharp climate has created unique atmosphere on these four islands. Socotra looks like a grotesque computer animation. Hyperbolic plants, funny shapes of trees and pink flowers – this scenery can inspire graphic designers to create the craziest images. The island is supposed to have separated from Africa about six or seven million years ago, and it lives its own life since that time. It is possible to get there from Somali (250 km) or from Yemen (350 km).

Yellowstone National Park in the USA which is called “Mammoth Hot Springs” will strike your imagination with its terraces of hot springs. They are created by high temperature, water, limestone and mountain faults. These formations constantly change due to the water current and erosion. Trees in this park, by the way, also look very mobile.

Desert Black Rock in Nevada, USA is one of the most colorful places in the world. The geysers of different colors, dried river beds and rocks make this desert look fantastic.

Giants Causeway in Ireland is another place you will hardly forget if you see it once. It presents a territory covered with about forty thousand basaltic columns of regular shape which appeared due to the ancient eruption of a volcano. The highest of the columns is twelve meters high.

On the edge of Europe where the Baltic Sea meets the North Sea there is a wonderful place called Skagen. Skagen is a city of Denmark with sand dunes and isolated shores. Though nearly the only attraction in Skagen is teddy bear museum this place is very popular among the tourists. It is possibly that they search for the feeling of isolation which they find on this piece of land far from civilization, or they want to see the weird beauty of nature which knows no limits.

In fact, every country has its places of attraction which differ from our traditional vision of it. You should just leave common tourist paths and starts seeing the world as a wonder rather than a just a place where you live.


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