My first European trip

Old downtown of Prague. Czech Republic
Okay, I’ve just came back from my European tour and it was awesome! I’m not used to traveling actually and rarely leave home, but after my Euro tour I recommend everyone to do that because it’s an entirely new world! People, street views, food… dammit, even the air they breathe is totally different! I feel a little bit awkward cause I bet most of you guys travel regularly and I sound like a kid who’s boasting of his first linear equation and my words deserve nothing but a condescending smile. However, I want to share my thoughts on my first traveling experience.

First, airports. There are lots of weird things in the airports, but people are weirder than everything else. Particularly, the way people are dressed at the airports. I bet all of you have seen that Jenna Marbles video where she’s talking about girls at the airports

I used to consider it as a hyperbolized metaphor but now I know that Jenna was damn right. Seriously, some people wear the most airport-incompatible clothes. Maybe they are expecting to meet Ryan Gosling on the plane, I don’t know, but that’s the only explanation for their heels, skinny jeans and sunglasses. I can’t imagine how their butts manage to bear an 8-hour flight in these jeans. European girls look more casual, that’s true. So, dear fellow travelers, dress up smart in order to avoid being mocked in someone’s blog post. That may be helpful: How to Dress for the Airport for Women
As for the route, I happened to visit Prague and Berlin. Prague was beautiful but I found it too museum-looking. I mean, when you walk down these old streets and look at these old buildings, they don’t look like the inhabited houses. They are all renovated and look too unnatural to imagine that people actually live there. Everything that’s not renovated is under construction and being renovated. But food is awesome and really cheap. If you’ll happen to go to Prague, check this amazing tavern in the Old Town.
Medieval tavern in Prague
Berlin was just awesome. I used to think of Germans as of self-restrained and very serious folks, but they appeared to be so funny and friendly. We met these guys in the bar and I almost pissed my pants laughing, I never thought they have such an awesome sense of humor.
Besides, people in Germany dress way fancier than people in America. Maybe that was just my impression of downtown Berlin, but what I saw was really nice, especially guys. I wonder how they manage to combine simple clothes and turn them into a cool look. I was sooo tourist in my shorts and hoodie, so I decided to avoid this mistake next time I travel abroad. I bumped into this article upon the homecoming How to Avoid Looking Like an American Tourist

I wish I read it before the trip. Seriously, I loved that place and the people so much and wanted to be a part of it so badly! My outfit was a disaster, but I won’t make this mistake again.
I have never understood passionate traveling maniacs who spend all their money on tickets and hotels, but now it is clear to me. Such experience helps you realize that your little hometown is not your oyster and that life beyond the borders is exciting and so much different and that it can change your entire perception of the world and life and people. It helps you see this life 3D, and as you know, everything looks better in 3D!


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