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Schnitzels for Every Taste

If you ask me to choose one product I can not live without my answer will be immediate – meat. I am a great meat fan, amateur and votary. Sometimes I feel like composing poems and singing songs in honor of meat. That’s why all my recipes are connected with this wonderful product in this or that way. Schnitzel recipes are my favorite ones and I want to share one of the simplest and greatest of them with you.

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The History of Sauces

Even Voltaire used to notice in a rather acrid manner that there are more than twenty religious sects in England but only one sauce. In that way he underlined that the English traditional cuisine was too poor and dull according to his opinion. But we never hear the same words addressed to the French cooking culture. Today one can find more than three thousand different sauces in the French cuisine and in the time of Voltaire there were a little fewer recipes.

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5 Facts About Fast Food

A pair of In-N-Out cheeseburgers.

It’s been a long time since the word combination “fast food” has turned from the common noun into a censure. Nowadays, this is the synonym of unhealthy food, but in fact, initially, this word is defined as food that can be prepared and consumed fast and without any difficult manipulations. Thus, not every meal that is tagged “fast food” has a negative impact on your health. It depends on a fast food chain, and today I’m going to bust myths or prove some common beliefs about fast food.

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