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Office conflict

Dear diary!

Today I had a very difficult day at my office due to several reasons. First of all I seem to have caught a cold and now I feel upset and broken. Dunno what to do, tomorrow I will have a very important meeting and I need to be safe and sound by that time…

But the main problem is in my conflict with my head of the office today. Alison Dunn is literally a genius chief. She is smart and strong. She’s very social and convivial but her stubbornness will, actually, drive me mad one day.

Today we had a quarrel. A big fight. The fact is that she doesn’t agree with my project on employee motivation. I have been working on it for many months and she seemed to be agree with my ideas. Today, when I presented it to the office, she was nearly throwing dirt on me. I need to re-construct everything in a week. In a week only!

These conflicts and stressful situations at work make me feel more than bad. I’m not too self-confident as it is and, to be frank, I’m a bit shy. I don’t know how to look in the eyes of all my colleagues who witnessed Alison shouting at me.

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