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The History of Sauces

Even Voltaire used to notice in a rather acrid manner that there are more than twenty religious sects in England but only one sauce. In that way he underlined that the English traditional cuisine was too poor and dull according to his opinion. But we never hear the same words addressed to the French cooking culture. Today one can find more than three thousand different sauces in the French cuisine and in the time of Voltaire there were a little fewer recipes.

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5 Facts About Fast Food

A pair of In-N-Out cheeseburgers.

It’s been a long time since the word combination “fast food” has turned from the common noun into a censure. Nowadays, this is the synonym of unhealthy food, but in fact, initially, this word is defined as food that can be prepared and consumed fast and without any difficult manipulations. Thus, not every meal that is tagged “fast food” has a negative impact on your health. It depends on a fast food chain, and today I’m going to bust myths or prove some common beliefs about fast food.

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Summer Threatens Your Figure

It is widely believed that summer is excellent time for keeping fit and loosing weight. We have no appetite as we do not have to spend additional calories on warming. But nevertheless lots of girls mysteriously gain weight during summer. You should know the enemies of your figure and be careful with them – they are not as harmless as it may seem.

The first dangerous factor has very nice and sweet appearance and follows you all summer long. I mean ice-cream which is famous and widely loved for its cooling effect in the heat of the day. However, this product is the source of fats and carbohydrates, which are difficult to get rid of, especially if you leak ice-cream while lying on the beach and are not planning to perform any activity within next few hours. You can use the alternative to ice-cream – fruit ice. There are only twelve calories in one bar of fruit ice (if no sugar is added). Besides, this dessert is quite easy to prepare – just take some berries or fruit you like and blend them in the blender until they are smooth. Then pour this mess into pop molds and put them in freezer for about 5 hours.

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