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Rossy de Palma.

Rossy de Palma is a popular Spanish actress, singer and model who became famous for her roles in Pedro Almadovar’s masterpieces. Rossy de Palama has very extraordinary and unusual appearance. It seems like she is a leading model of Pablo Picasso’s paintings. That’s why many describe her “as a Picasso come-to-life”. Indeed her features are very cubistic. She was even advised to have a plastic surgery several times. Well, de Palma accepts herself as she is and is not ashamed at all of her exceptional physical appearance. She hates stereotypes and stereotypical thinking. It should be admitted that de Palma is self-confident woman and she has extremely charismatic personality so that people do not pay much attention to her uncommon look. She describes herself as an individualist and an anarchist. It seems like she never cares what people would think of her.

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The History of Sauces

Even Voltaire used to notice in a rather acrid manner that there are more than twenty religious sects in England but only one sauce. In that way he underlined that the English traditional cuisine was too poor and dull according to his opinion. But we never hear the same words addressed to the French cooking culture. Today one can find more than three thousand different sauces in the French cuisine and in the time of Voltaire there were a little fewer recipes.

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