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My first European trip

Old downtown of Prague. Czech Republic
Okay, I’ve just came back from my European tour and it was awesome! I’m not used to traveling actually and rarely leave home, but after my Euro tour I recommend everyone to do that because it’s an entirely new world! People, street views, food… dammit, even the air they breathe is totally different! I feel a little bit awkward cause I bet most of you guys travel regularly and I sound like a kid who’s boasting of his first linear equation and my words deserve nothing but a condescending smile. However, I want to share my thoughts on my first traveling experience.

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What to Do if Your Wife is Addicted to Feng Shui

How could we live without feng shui? It was a real disaster but not a life. All the times of furniture were in wrong places and the mirrors were hanging on the wrong walls. The dining tables standing in the area of bad energy flow prevented us from healthy meals and the beds situated in discordance with feng shui rules caused nightmares. I have been surprised when I learned that it was possible to be happy just moving your furniture around the flat. I’ll tell you haw to become a successful person with the help of feng shui and not to go nuts. The wise Chinese women made their husbands move the heavy wardrobes and replace tables to fill their living with happiness.

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