My first European trip

Old downtown of Prague. Czech Republic
Okay, I’ve just came back from my European tour and it was awesome! I’m not used to traveling actually and rarely leave home, but after my Euro tour I recommend everyone to do that because it’s an entirely new world! People, street views, food… dammit, even the air they breathe is totally different! I feel a little bit awkward cause I bet most of you guys travel regularly and I sound like a kid who’s boasting of his first linear equation and my words deserve nothing but a condescending smile. However, I want to share my thoughts on my first traveling experience.

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Rossy de Palma.

Rossy de Palma is a popular Spanish actress, singer and model who became famous for her roles in Pedro Almadovar’s masterpieces. Rossy de Palama has very extraordinary and unusual appearance. It seems like she is a leading model of Pablo Picasso’s paintings. That’s why many describe her “as a Picasso come-to-life”. Indeed her features are very cubistic. She was even advised to have a plastic surgery several times. Well, de Palma accepts herself as she is and is not ashamed at all of her exceptional physical appearance. She hates stereotypes and stereotypical thinking. It should be admitted that de Palma is self-confident woman and she has extremely charismatic personality so that people do not pay much attention to her uncommon look. She describes herself as an individualist and an anarchist. It seems like she never cares what people would think of her.

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Schnitzels for Every Taste

If you ask me to choose one product I can not live without my answer will be immediate – meat. I am a great meat fan, amateur and votary. Sometimes I feel like composing poems and singing songs in honor of meat. That’s why all my recipes are connected with this wonderful product in this or that way. Schnitzel recipes are my favorite ones and I want to share one of the simplest and greatest of them with you.

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The Most Exotic Places of the World

The world is full of interesting and amazing places but most of us still travel to some warm sea countries only to return from them sun tanned and with a bunch of the photos of the type “Me on the Beach”, “Me and Some Flower”, “Me and a Glass of Wine in a Hotel Lobby” and so on. As for me, I feel the need to receive some unusual impressions which I will carry with me without the help of any photographs. One day I will visit these places which make people doubt that they are still on the Earth.

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Asger Carlsen.

Asger Carlsen is a Danish photographer who currently lives and works in New York. Carlsen creates the most absurd and surreal images of today. His style is recognizable. The portraits are retouched, the objects are redone so that they have nothing in common with reality. People he depicts have many eyes and multiple heads, some of them suffer from Grave’s disease, some have wooden legs. These images are bizarre and weird. At the same time the images being manipulated by Carlsen seem to be very realistic.

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A Good Bedroom According to Feng Shui

A tight sleep is the best medicine. To improve your sleep try to use the magic of colors while decorating the interior of your bedroom. According to Feng shui each cardinal direction has its unique color. A room which is situated in the south-east or east will look more cozy with brown or green walls. The south-west or north-west direction of your room location require dark brown or yellow colors. If the windows of your room face north choose all the shades of blue from turquoise to navy blue for the interior. The west direction requires white decorations and accessories. But one should think twice before painting the walls or buying the wallpaper.

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The History of Sauces

Even Voltaire used to notice in a rather acrid manner that there are more than twenty religious sects in England but only one sauce. In that way he underlined that the English traditional cuisine was too poor and dull according to his opinion. But we never hear the same words addressed to the French cooking culture. Today one can find more than three thousand different sauces in the French cuisine and in the time of Voltaire there were a little fewer recipes.

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What to Do if Your Wife is Addicted to Feng Shui

How could we live without feng shui? It was a real disaster but not a life. All the times of furniture were in wrong places and the mirrors were hanging on the wrong walls. The dining tables standing in the area of bad energy flow prevented us from healthy meals and the beds situated in discordance with feng shui rules caused nightmares. I have been surprised when I learned that it was possible to be happy just moving your furniture around the flat. I’ll tell you haw to become a successful person with the help of feng shui and not to go nuts. The wise Chinese women made their husbands move the heavy wardrobes and replace tables to fill their living with happiness.

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5 Facts About Fast Food

A pair of In-N-Out cheeseburgers.

It’s been a long time since the word combination “fast food” has turned from the common noun into a censure. Nowadays, this is the synonym of unhealthy food, but in fact, initially, this word is defined as food that can be prepared and consumed fast and without any difficult manipulations. Thus, not every meal that is tagged “fast food” has a negative impact on your health. It depends on a fast food chain, and today I’m going to bust myths or prove some common beliefs about fast food.

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Knightly Weekend on Malta

If you want to turn back time and feel what it was like to live in the medieval Europe, you can make your dream come true by visiting Malta – the most knightly island in the world. Besides, you can combine your chase of historical heritage with lying on the beach and meet the yachts returning from The Middle Sea Race. Narrow streets without a single tree, huge domes of churches will carry you through the centuries to the Malta of the past.

The most interesting historical part of Malta is Valetta which is included in the list of UNESCO. Its streets and squires remained practically unchanged since the sixteenth century. Here you can visit St. John’s Co-Cathedral with the tombs of knights, or the Palace of Great Magister or walk along Republic Street (which is, by the way, the souvenir paradise for tourists) to the St. Elmo fort. You should also have a look at Mdina, the old capital of Malta. It seems that the time has stopped in this town forever. The gourmets will also find something interesting on Malta as this island is rich with sea products. Tasty local fish is called lampuca, another dainties are squid and cuttlefish which you can taste sitting in one of the numerous restaurants on the seafront.

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